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Hang Tabs #10550

Item #10550 50/bag
Create strong attachment points.

Item #10550 50/bag
Create strong attachment points.

Hang tabs are clear plastic tabs with one-sided adhesive and a hole at one end. Used to create an attachment points on air-filled large foil balloons. The hole is to attach line for suspension as ceiling displays.

Both surfaces should be clean.

Note: Use one tab on either side of the inflated foil, allowing the top of the Hang Tabs to bond together.

Weight: (.13 lb/.06 kg)

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After inflation, attach two Balloon HangTabs to the top of a foil balloon and hang it independently from a ClikMagnet on a MagMover, as seen in the photo.

Make it look like a shower of balloons by repeating this several times. Suspended from a single magnet, foils rotate in air currents to catch attention. If movement isn’t wanted simply use two or more ClikMagnets per balloon.

Foil Balloon Chains

In the next photo, it only took 5 ClikMagnets to merchandise 13 foils. Talk about inspiring sales!

Attaching line to both the top (via a Balloon Hang Tab) and bottom of each balloon allows simple but effective chains to be created. To ensure even spacing (with no knots to tie!), use LoopLine™ Light between the foils.

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How to Hang Air-Filled Foil Balloon Displays

  • Place a HangTab on each side of the deflated balloon, with tabs meeting at the top.

  • Slowly fill foil with air. (Do not use a latex inflator, as it can damage foil balloons!)

  • Use packing tape to completely cover the hole in the balloon tail. A smooth application helps prevent air leakage.

  • Cut a piece of LoopLine™.

  • Loop the LoopLine™ Light to the ClikMagnet ring, then loop the other end of the line through the HangTab.

  • Place the ClikMagnet on the MagMover. With the MagMover attached to a MagPole, lift the ClikMagnet to some metal on the ceiling, suspending the balloon. (If you haven’t already seen it, watch our video).


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