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What 3 factors affect the “pull” of a ClikMagnet?

  1. The amount of iron in the metal.
  2. The amount of paint, dirt and bumps on the surface of the metal.
  3. The direction of the pull to the ClikMagnet. The perpendicular pull is the greatest. (i.e. put the ClikMagnet on your fridge. Feel the difference in the pull when pulling directly out from the fridge or when pulling down along the surface of the fridge.)

What is the safe use of ClikMagnets?

Keep a ClikMagnet a minimum of 15cm (6”) away from credit cards, bank cards, computer disks, recording tape, heart pacemakers, navigational compasses, and any sensitive electronic devices. Please note that these precautions apply to any magnet or magnetic device. Do not swallow magnets.

Can it be assumed that if one Regular ClikMagnet will pull up to 5 pounds, two will pull 10 pounds?

Not necessary, if one line is shorter than the other line, the shorter line will be holding the full weight.

Can a ClikMagnet break?

Exerting force from the lifted MagMover into the ClikMagnet will compress the plastic and over time will cause the plastic to chip and break. Let the ClikMagnet do the “jump” to the metal! Lift it to settle gently onto the metal. Let the ClikMagnet do the work.


Why was the MagMover given the name MagMover?

Because this tool is a magnet mover. It moves the ClikMagnets to metal and from metal.

Why would one need a Dual MagMover and not just use the Single MagMover twice for items that have two attachment points?

For items requiring two attachment points, the Dual MagMover will attach one line while still holding the item to attach the second line. If the Single MagMover had been used, one might not be able to reach the second ClikMagnet that is hanging from the display.

When can a Dual MagMover NOT be used?

When the width of the grommets and the length of the lines do not allow the ClikMagnets to reach the MagMover. (Short lines and very wide sign.) The alternative is to use two MagPoles and two people…or... if possible, move the grommets closer together.
Another Solution: Attach the ClikMagnet directly to the sign and request a custom MagMover the width of the grommets. This creates a flush-mount sign.

Are custom MagMover widths available?

Yes. For example – someone may have a 4 ft sign with three grommets and wish the sign to be flush mounted. The three ClikMagnets would be attached directly to the sign (no LoopLine™) and the custom 3 ft. MagMover with three heads (same spacing as the grommets) would lift the ClikMagnets in one motion to the metal. Removal is also easy and fast.

Why is a 24” Dual MagMover available?

This is the width of a ceiling tile to allow for fast installation and removal (only one set of “cliks”)
Frequently used with the FlatHat system because 24” is a popular distance between grommets. With the FlatHat system, the MagMover MUST be the same width as the distance between the grommets.

What should I know about loading a ClikMagnet onto a 24” MagMover?

The ring of the ClikMagnet should be put around the smallest section of the head on the MagMover.

Why does the Multi-MagMover have 8 heads?

This tool allows for items with up to 8 attachment points to be hung from the ceiling. (E.g. long flexible signs or tulle and light, garlands etc.)

Why does the Multi-MagMover have a straight copper hook on one of the heads?

The corkscrew holds the ClikMagnet from falling while the copper take-down hook allows the released ClikMagnet to fall. Sometimes it is preferred to quickly tug on the ClikMagnets and to drop them.

Why is there a corkscrew on the MagMovers?

The corkscrew is used to remove the ClikMagnet from the metal

The corkscrew keeps the ClikMagnet from falling – to safely and easily retrieve the item that was hung.

When might the corkscrew not hold the retrieved ClikMagnet?

When the corkscrew is not fully inserted into the ring of the ClikMagnet.

What makes it easy to insert the corkscrew into the ring of the ClikMagnet?

Keeping the MagPole vertical holds the corkscrew parallel to the ceiling. This creates more “entry room”. The blunt end will also turn the ring to guide the corkscrew into the ring. It is the same theory as shooting a basketball into a hoop. There is a better chance of making two points when the ball is on a downward path from a position directly above the hoop.


What are the benefits of the MagPole?

When closed it is only 5’8” tall making it easy to load (while in a vertical position) and short enough to be transportable in most cars.
It will open to 18 feet. With your body height, this will reach most store ceilings up to about 24 feet.
It is push button operated…for quicker multiple installations and take-downs.

Is the MagPole heavy?

It weighs only 8 lbs. And, when it is opened, it feels lighter – especially when maintained in the vertical position!

How to use the MagPole?

  1. With the base of the MagPole on the floor, load the ClikMagnet onto the MagMover.
  2. Keeping the base of the MagPole on the floor, extend the sections of the MagPole to the desired height.
  3. Lift the MagPole and attach the ClikMagnet to metal on the ceiling.
  4. Rest the base of the MagPole to the floor.
  5. Close the opened sections of the MagPole.

How to use the MagPole to guesstimate the length of required line between the ceiling and your item?

Extend the MagPole to the ceiling. Count the number of holes in the pole from the ceiling to the desired position of the top of your sign. The distance between each hole is 6 inches or 3 loops of LoopLine™.

What are the major safety considerations for the MagPole?

If your present extension pole or the MagPole is not tall enough, an additional height (4 ft) can be gained with the addition of one Pole Extenders. It is not recommended to connect several Pole Extenders. Always keep the MagPole away from electrical lines.


What is LoopLine™?

LoopLine™ is line made of continuous 2″ loops. It is sold by the roll and cut with scissors. The loops are easy to count by sight or by feel. It is available in white, black and clear. 

Why use LoopLine™?

Because there are no knots to tie!
The benefits of no knots to tie are: It saves lots of time.
Using two lengths of LoopLine™ with equal number of knots, the item will always hang level.
This is unlikely with other line because it is almost impossible to tie two knots in exactly the same place on two lines.
It is re-usable. Un-loop and re-use. With other line, it is likely the knot would need to be cut, making the line shorter than desired.

How do I use the LoopLine™ if the ceiling is unlevel AND my item needs to hang level?

Other than making the lines different lengths….
An easy solution is to add one or more rings to one of the ClikMagnets until the ceiling differential is eliminated. The rings make it easy to know which side of the sign needs the greater length. Or attach a different colour of LoopLine™ to the taller side of the ceiling.

What are the two methods to attach LoopLine™ to a ClikMagnet?

  1. Insert the loop of one end through the ClikMagnet ring and put this loop over/around the ClikMagnet. Line will rest around the ring. Pull tight.
  2. Insert loop of one end through the ring of the ClikMagnet and pull the other end of the line through the first loop. Pull tight

How strong is LoopLine™?

LoopLine™  White, Black and CLEAR will pull up to 25 lbs. Loopline™ LIGHT will pull up to 5 lbs.


How does the adhesive on the Hang Tabs differ from the adhesive on tabs purchased in stationary stores?

The adhesive was formulated for the auto industry to hold on an assembly line that would pass through a wash station, a paint station and an oven. Therefore it will hold in wet and hot conditions. I have used them to hold my side mirror onto the car through an ice storm…and they held very well.

What recommendations give the HangTabs even greater performance?

Always use TWO tabs that meet and adhere together just below the hole.

The “pull” is greatest when pull is along the full length of the HangTab. It is not recommended to use the HangTabs if the “pull” is at a 90 degree angle (unless heavily reinforced).


What is the purpose of the FlatHat?

To be able to hang/remove signage in areas where the ceiling height is greater than the reach of the MagPole…. while standing on the floor.

Does the FlatHat create a permanent sign location?

Yes. However, the FlatHat is small and if signage is not required at the location, it will not be visually distracting. It will be ready when signage is required.

How long should the aircraft cable be?

The lower end of the cable should be the higher than the expected top position of the sign. If the sign sizes are varied, the cable could be shorter and the length difference filled with LoopLine™.

An advantage of the FlatHat is that a shorter extension pole can be used because the reach needs to be to the FlatHat and not to a tall ceiling…. while standing on the floor.

What kind of aircraft cable should be used and why?

The thicker the aircraft cable (3/32 in/2.54mm or greater), the less stretch in the cable. If there is stretch in the cable, the pull to remove the Round ClikMagnet from the FlatHat causes the cable to stretch, and the release of the Round ClikMagnet will cause the thin aircraft cable to quickly retract and “boing” around ceiling rafters etc.

Where does the name FlatHat come from?

FlatHat is the name given to WW1 pilots who flew low over the English hedges and fence rows. Since our FlatHat “flies” low and is shaped like a hat, it seems like a good name. Thanks Tom!

How is the sign attached to the Round ClikMagnet?

The Round ClikMagnet can be attached directly to the sign, or to LoopLine™ between the Round ClikMagnet and the sign.

What are the “pull” of the Round ClikMagnets?

  • Blue = 10 lbs
  • Red = 20 lbs

Why is it important that the width of the Dual MagMover – for the FlatHat – be EXACTLY the distance between the sign grommets?

It would be impossible to remove the sign if the distance is not exact. It is impossible because as one Round ClikMagnet is captured, the movement of the MagMover to the second Round ClikMagnet causes the sign to push the aircraft cable ahead of the sign. The install and removal of the Round ClikMagnets becomes very easy and quick to do when the width of the MagMover is the same as the distance between the grommets.

What assembly is required for the FlatHat system?

Aircraft Cable needs to be securely fastened to the ceiling. A loop needs to be made in the lower end of the cable to accommodate the FlatHat.

Where should the Round ClikMagnets NOT be used?

This magnet works very well if used as designed – into a FlatHat – for a straight down pull. If the Round ClikMagnet is put directly to ceiling metal, and the pull of the sign or décor is to the side, the pull will mechanically pry the Round ClikMagnet from the ceiling metal…. with little effort! This is because the ring and button of the Round ClikMagnet will not move to absorb the movement of the sign/décor.

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