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Item #29020
Ceiling with no metal? No Problem.

Item #29020
Ceiling with no metal? No Problem.

What is a Stick-n-Clik? A rectangular piece of powder coated ferrous metal (white) with 3M VHB PERMANENT adhesive on the other side.

Where to use a Stick-n-Clik? The adhesive will stick to most smooth, clean, painted surfaces including metal and plastic.

Size of a Stick-n-Clik: (19mm/.75" x 57mm/2.25")
Weight: Bag of 20 Stick-n-Clik + 1 Single MagMover + 1 Mini ClikMagnet = .44lbs/.20kg.

$82.55 20/bag
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Clik-Clik Magmover

Why use a Stick-n-Clik?

  • Stick-n-Cliks are designed for ceilings with no ferrous metal or for aluminum window frames.
  • Stick-n-Clik can be positioned to the ceiling with the Clik-Clik tools- while keeping your feet on the floor.
  • The Stick-n-Clik increases the number of location with ferrous metal (for SAFE and EASY installations using the ClikMagnets and Clik-Clik tools).
  • The flat surface of the Single MagMover can be used to firmly PRESS the adhesive to the smooth clean painted surface...while standing on the floor.

What comes in a Stick-n-Clik Kit?

  • 20 Stick-n-Clik
  • Single MagMover
  • Mini ClikMagnet

Additional Items Required: Line and MagPole

How to install a Stick-n-Clik to your ceiling?

Preparation of material

  1. Thread a Single MagMover onto the end of a MagPole or an extension pole.
  2. Attach a long length of line to the Mini ClikMagnet.
  3. Place the Mini ClikMagnet onto the Single MagMover.
  4. Remove the Stick-n-Clik's adhesive liner and "Clik" the white side of the Stick-n-Clik to the Mini ClikMagnet

Installation - push, push, push

  1. Extending the MagPole, lift the Stick-n-Clik to the desired clean and smooth location.
  2. Push firmly and hold.
  3. Lower the MagPole, leaving the Mini ClikMagnet on the Stick-n-Clik.
  4. Move to the left of the Mini ClikMagnet and press the MagMover's head into the Stick-n-Clik.
  5. Repeat on the right side of the Mini ClikMagnet.
  6. Insert the MagMover's corkscrew into the Mini ClikMagnet's ring and pull down to retrieve the Mini ClikMagnet.

Note: Wait 72 hours for the adhesive to cure.

Clik Clik ClikMagnet Placement
Magmovers Safely Remove ClikMagnets

Important Reminders.

  1. 72 hours are recommended to allow the adhesive to cure.
  2. Apply Stick-n-Clik between 70'F/100'F (21'C/38'C).
  3. The adhesive is PERMANENT.
  4. Rubbing alcohol is recommended to clean any painted or aluminum surfaces.

Remember! Be respectful and only "stick" a Stick-n-Clik to a surface with permission to do so!

Stick-n-Clik Instructions

Installation Instructions

Download Instructions

The Ontario Health and Safety Act States: A lifting device shall be operated in such a way that, no part of the load passes over any worker. This is good advice for all workers. It is natural to lift the MagMover to the front while visually searching for the installation placement spot.

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