Clik-Clik products are used on over 17,000 ceilings around the world, because we make hanging signs and balloons simple.
We appreciate the ongoing use of Clik-Clik System tools by these leading retailers:

A History of Innovative Display Tools

Clik-Clik Systems president Robina Bernard entered the balloon world in 1982 with a helium bouquet delivery service. In her words, she got into the industry because “selling balloons was like selling smiles!” She later became a balloon retailer and decorator.

From 1988 to 2002, Robina owned and operated Balloon Depot, a popular Canadian balloon wholesale business. During that time, she co-developed the Slide-N-Size balloon sizer, to help retailers and decorators produce properly-sized balloons.

When one of Canada’s largest retail chains considered selling foil balloons, they asked Robina to stock four test stores. Visiting these stores, she saw the helium-filled balloons on display were often partially deflated. Knowing that air-filled balloons would stay full for months and inspire more sales, she created the Show-N-Sell to display air-filled balloons. Since most stores had metal on the ceiling, she realized magnets might make hanging the displays a breeze, and came up with the amazing ClikMagnets and patented MagMovers.

Clik-Clik Is Born

Balloon professionals around the world LOVED the ease and safety of the magnetic hanging system, and quickly adopted it for hanging sculptures, lights, fabric and other decorative displays. Robina was presented with the Dottie Blanchard Spirit Award for her contribution to the balloon industry.

Robina formed Clik-Clik Systems Inc. (originally named MagMover Inc.) in 2002 to focus on her line of innovative display tools. She is especially proud of the invention of LoopLine, since the inexpensive and reusable line allows signs to be hung level every time, without the need for tying knots. The POP retail industry is now using LoopLine and the other innovation solutions from Clik-Clik.

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Balloon Accessories Product List

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