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Hooks for Suspended Grids

Why? To hang signage from suspended ceiling grids while standing on the floor...and while using the Clik-Clik Magpole &  Sliding Dual 24” MagMover.

Grid Hooks can be inserted directly into the sign grommet – allowing the sign to hang 4”/10cm from the suspended grid.
For a lower height of the sign, LoopLine is ideal (cut two lengths with equal number of loops).

Each box contains 100 Grid Hooks.

Weight per box:  1.06lb/.48kg


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How to Use Grid Hook

Steps to install signage from the suspended grid:

1. Open closed section of the Grid Hook and insert through the sign grommet.

2. Close Grid Hook.

3. Rotate the MagMover's corkscrew away from the MagMover and insert it into the closed end of the Grid Hook. Repeat with second Grid Hook.

4. Extend Magpole.

5. Lift to the grid. Place one Grid Hook over a metal rod of the suspended Grid. Repeat with the second Grid Hook.

To retrieve the sign: Reverse the above. 

LoopLine is ideal to lower the height of the sign. (Cut two lengths with the same number of loops. Loop to the Grid Hooks and the sign grommets.) 

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