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Lift and remove magnet from ceiling. For items with up to 8 attachment points.

The Multi MagMover 24” is used to hold up to 8 ClikMagnets (+ display) while being lifted to the metal on the ceiling and to safely retrieve them (+ display).

The Multi MagMover 24” has the standard Acme thread for attachment to the MagPole or most other threaded poles for installation/retrieval of displays with up to 8 attachment points, at great heights...while standing on the floor.

The Multi MagMover 24” is usually used for the installation/retrieval of soft, flexible material - curtains, decorative swags.

Weight per bag: (1.36 lb/.62 kg)

Item #10408

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Product Description:

  • Has 8 MagMover ‘posts’. 7 posts have a corkscrew. The 9th post has a Copper-Drop-Down-Hook.
  • The posts are spaced approximately 3.25”/8.26 cm apart (center to center).
  • Made of sturdy aluminium
  • Threaded handle fits most ACME threaded poles
  • Light weight
  • Patented
  • Re-usable -over and over again
  • Installation of ClikMagnets (+ display) to any position in a 360 degree radius (metal being present).

How to use the Multi MagMover 24” (8 posts) to Install Flexible Displays with up to 8 Attachment Points to the Metal on the Ceiling:

  1. Thread the Multi MagMover 24” onto the end of a MagPole or an extension pole.
  2. Connect the flexible display (with LoopLine™ – or Flush Mount Clips at each attachment point), to each ClikMagnet’s centre ring.
  3. Place each ClikMagnet’s centre ring (+ display) over a Multi MagMover 24" post.
  4. Lift the assembly to the first metal location on the ceiling. Allow the first ClikMagnet to “clik” to the metal. Walk to the next metal location, lift the assembly to allow the second ClikMagnet to “jump” to the metal. Repeat. Repeat until your display is hung!

Important Hint: When lifting the ClikMagnets to the metal, rotate the Multi MagMover 24” (+ extension pole) so that the remaining ClikMagnets are not near metal.

How to use the Multi MagMover 24” to Safely Retrieve up to 8 ClikMagnets (+ display) from the Ceiling.

  1. The corkscrews on the Multi MagMover 24” are used to retrieve up to 8 ClikMagnets (+ display).
  2. Turn each corkscrew outward. Fully insert one corkscrew through the centre ring of the first ClikMagnet. Pull down. Fully insert the next corkscrew through the centre ring of the second ClikMagnet. Pull down. Repeat for 7 ClikMagnets. Insert an occupied corkscrew into the 8th ClikMagnet’s ring. The coils of the corkscrews will hold the ClikMagnets (+ display) from falling.

OR – when the display is soft and light weight; the Copper-Drop-Down-Hook can be used for all 8 ClikMagnets.

  1. Insert the Copper-Drop-Down-Hook into a ClikMagnet’s centre ring, angle the Multi MagMover 24” to drop the ClikMagnet. Repeat until the item and all 8 ClikMagnets have fallen to the floor - as shown.

Note: For easy take down stand close to the underside of the display.

The Ontario Health and Safety Act States: A lifting device shall be operated in such a way that, no part of the load passes over any worker. This is good advice for all workers. It is natural to lift the MagMover to the front while visually searching for the installation placement spot.

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