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Balloon sizer. Size balloons from 1.5"-36" / 4cm-91cm.

A portable tool to size latex balloons at any increment from 1.5” to 36” (4cm to 91cm). The metal ruler base can be folded for compact use, or extended for larger balloons. Pole extenders are included for use with the jumbo balloons.

With a quick turn of a pole, the feet slide to create any size template. To use, inflate a balloon with air or helium, then let out gas until the balloon diameter matches the template.

Weight: (3 lb/1.4 kg)

    Item #29505

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    Size a balloon any diameter from 1.5" to 18"

    Setup: Insert the folded metal ruler into a foot and line up the holes.Screw in a sizing pole. Slide a second foot onto the ruler, so the left edge lines up with the desired size. Lock it in place with another pole. Want a new size? Just turn the pole, slide the base, and re-lock.

    Use: Inflate a balloon with air or helium, then let out gas until it just touches the poles. at’s it. You’re done.

    Size two small balloons at the same time

    Setup: Slide a third foot onto the folded ruler so the distance between the feet is the same. Secure it with the third sizing pole.

    Use: Inflate a balloon in each hand, and again let out air until they just touch the poles. With practice, you’ll now be twice as fast

    Size two large balloons–even different sizes

    Setup: Unfold the ruler, then setup with the three feet and sizing poles positioned as desired. Do you sell some bouquets of 11” balloons, and others with 16”? No problem.

    Use: Size balloons together, or alternate as you prefer, without resetting the sizer.

    Wow! Size balloons up to 36”

    Setup: Unfold the ruler and setup with the three feet and two sizing poles as shown. Place the pole extenders over the sizing poles to lengthen them.

    Use: As above

    Other Uses

    • Double-stuff balloons quickly on the upright sizing poles.
    • Set/confirm auto-sizer timing.
    • Use as calipers to measure replacement balloon size in arches and sculptures.

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