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Post magnet with hook. Holds up to 8lbs/3.6kg

The Wall ClikMagnet contains a powerful neodymium magnet, plus ‘gripper’ material. It is designed to hang, or to hold displays on vertical ferrous metal (e.g. square steel posts). Both surfaces must be clean.
Note: The strength/pulling power is in the downward or upward direction…parallel with the metal.
Caution: STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.

Magnet Dimensions: 1” x 1” x 1.5”
Weight/bag: (.39 lb/.18 kg)

    Item #96020

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    Product Description:

    • Front side: White.
    • Strong Polycarbonate.
    • Re-usable, over and over again. Both surfaces must be clean.
    • Magnetic attraction is maintained over time. It does not lose power as a battery can.
    • Removable from metal with a mechanical outward force.

    Important Factors

    Three factors determine any magnet’s strength.

    • Amount of iron in the metal.
    • Direction of pull.
    • Amount of paint, dirt or bumps etc. on the metal.

    Note: It is always a good idea to test the metal in advance of hanging a display.

    How to Postition a Wall ClikMagnet - by Hand.

    1. While standing, reach to the desired position. Apply.

    Note: Easily removed for re-application.

    How to Place the Wall ClikMagnet onto the MagMover (+ extension pole) before Lifting to a Great Height on Vertical Metal Beams.

    1. The Wall ClikMagnet is designed with one ring.
    2. Position the ring onto the MagMover’s post – as shown
    3. This allows the Wall ClikMagnet (+ display) to be lifted to/attached to the flat vertical ferrous metal surface.

    How to Safely Retrieve the Wall ClikMagnet.

    By Hand:

    1. The Wall ClikMagnet is easily removed with an ‘outward’ (away from the vertical surface) pull.

    From a Great Height:

    1. The corkscrew on the MagMover’s post (+ extension pole) is used to retrieve the Wall ClikMagnet.
    2. Insert the corkscrew fully into the ring of the Wall ClikMagnet – as shown.
    3. Pull Outward (away from the metal surface).

    The coils of the corkscrew hold the Wall ClikMagnet (+ display) from falling.

    • Caution: STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.
    • Keep all magnets away from credit cards, video tapes, computers and other electronic devices!
    • Do not swallow magnets.

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