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Super ClikMagnets Black #95288

Item #95288 
Holds up to 10lbs/4kg

Item #95288 
Holds up to 10lbs/4kg

These neodymium ClikMagnets with two centre rings, “clik” to any metal that contains iron. They are ideal for attaching to the T-bars of most suspended ceilings, and to industrial ceilings.

Super ClikMagnets Black are usually used on dark coloured ceilings.

Caution: STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.

Magnet Dimensions: 2 3/10″ x 4/5″ x 3/5″
Weight/bag: (.48 lb/.22 kg)

$44 10/bag
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Volume Discount

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Tools to complete the Clik-Clik System

Clik Clik ClikMagnet

How to Choose the ClikMagnet for your Project:

Choose by:

  1. Weight of the display to be hung.
  2. Colour of the ceiling.

Product Description:

  • Plastic coated - no damage to ceilings.
  • Re-usable – over and over again.
  • Magnetic attraction is maintained over time. It does not lose power as a battery can.
  • Removable from metal with a mechanical force.

Important Factors

Three factors determine any magnet’s strength.

  • Amount of iron in the metal.
  • Direction of pull.
  • Amount of paint, dirt or bumps etc. on the metal.

Note: It is always a good idea to test the metal in advance of hanging a display.

How to Place the Super ClikMagnet Black onto the MagMover (+ extension pole) before Lifting to the Metal on the Ceiling.

  1. The Super ClikMagnet Black is designed with two centre rings.
  2. Position the Super ClikMagnet Black’s smaller centre ring onto the MagMover’s post – as shown.
  3. This allows the Super ClikMagnet Black (+ display) to be lifted to/attached to the ceiling metal.
Clik Clik ClikMagnet Placement
Clik Clik ClikMagnet

How To Safely Retrieve the Super ClikMagnet Black (+ display) from the Ceiling.

  1. The corkscrew on the MagMover’s post (+ extension pole) is used to retrieve the ClikMagnet (+ display) from the ceiling.
  2. Rotate the corkscrew outward and insert it fully into the centre ring of the Super ClikMagnet Black - as shown.
  3. Pull down.
  4. The coils of the corkscrew hold the Super ClikMagnet Black (+ display) from falling.

Question: If one Super ClikMagnet Black will pull up to 10 lbs/4 kg, will two Super ClikMagnet Black pull twice the weight?

Answer: No. If one line is shorter than the other, the shorter line + 1 ClikMagnet will be holding the full weight of the display.

  • Caution: STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.
  • Keep all magnets away from credit cards, video tapes, computers and other electronic devices!
  • The Clik-Clik system is not recommended for use with S-hooks, as items may fall during takedown.
  • Do not swallow magnets.

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