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Post magnet with hook. Holds up to 8lbs/3.6kg

The Wall ClikMagnet HP

  • Designed to hold or hang displays on vertical metal (e.g. a square steel post).
  • Promote your message with your custom “sticker”.
  • Can be mounted to a board – (to mount the board to metal).

A powerful neodymium magnet, plus “gripper” material. Both surfaces must be clean. 
Note: The strength/pulling power is in the downward or upward direction…parallel with the metal.
STRONG MAGNETS. Handle with care to avoid injury.

As with any magnetic device, keep WallCliks a minimum of 15 cm (6”) from credit cards, bank cards, computer disks, recording tape, heart pacemakers, navigational compasses, and sensitive electronic devices. Do NOT swallow.

Magnet Dimensions: 1” x 1” x 3.5”
Weight/bag: (.39 lb/.18 kg)

Item #96024

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